Tour of a lifetime

This started when Covid-19 pandemic struck. Schools closed and when it became apparent that re-opening of schools was uncertain, we resorted to spending out time in the library. We were offered the chance to start learning how to use computers.

On learning the basics, another opportunity came, this time was to join IC4 class . This was quite interesting and to excercise the skills that we had learned, we were linked up with a couple in US who offered to teach us on website development. That is how we came up with this website. We were then awarded a trip to our coastal town of Mombasa for a beach holiday.

The trip started with a road drive to Nairobi where we spend our first night. While in Nairobi, we visited the prestigious 2 Rivers Mall. The second day we took a train to Mombasa where we spent 4 nights at the Neptune Beach Resort at the North Coast. . We had fun and we also had a chance to visit the South Coast with the ferry croasing.

We are very grateful for all who made this trip and the training a success. Asante sana Kongoni Community Library management, Jean Penny aka Mama Safi and Wayne Silver for your financial resources, Mr. Ochango, Tiandra and Eddie for computer studies training.

Rina, Cheryl, Cindy and Shaleen

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