Our Modern Kitchen

Updated: Jul 21, 2021


The restaurant has a unique set up whereby it is to cater for the guests with a special purpose, such as guests coming for functions that are related to uplifting the livelihood of the library users. Our target clients are corporate groups ,alumni groups, special guests who would like to share a meal with the library patrons or just use the kitchen /restaurant or exclusive use. The restaurant's core business is to empower the community with culinary skills, knowledge on health eating and also encourage visitors to exercise their cooking skills and exchange the same with the local community.

You can enjoy the warm morning sun everyday just from the comfort of your seat as you enjoy your breakfast, also from the restaurant , you can enjoy watching Baseball being played just across the road, hence the name SUNRISE PAVILION. The restaurant also has the best view to watch the locals going about their business as student walk to and from school.

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