Challenges facing the youth in this region

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

1.Farming activities:

The region's staple food is "ugali", a dough prepared from cone/maize flour and consumed with stew and or vegetables. Every family is invovled in maize planting and harvesting activity in one way or another. Due to lack of modern farming equipment, most parents are forced to engage their children to participate in farming activities the whole day while on the other hand they are supposed to be studying. Farms are getting smaller therefore some children walk a long distance looking for menial labour.

2.Traditional Activities:

Most youth waste a lot of time when they get involved in traditional activities like circumcision. Studying is disrupted at one point or another.


Many families are going through a tough time especially during this Covid-19 pandemic period. Some parents have lost their livehood and they have no other means to support their families. Girls and boys are forced to fend for themselves and in the process, some of them end up in bad companied hence getting involved in negative activities such as early pregnancies and drug addiction. Due to lack of food, students cannot concentrate during studies.

4.Mistreatment by parents/guardians:

Those who are charged with the responsibility to protect and provide for the children are turning against them for one reason ar another. The frustrations from failed marriage or lack of income is unleashed on the children. The children end up getting frustrated too and greatly affects them. Also this coupled with poverty, has led to some students who attend boarding schools to prefer to stay at school even when schools close.

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